How I Have Dealt With Staying At Home

Author: Dipika Vij - Contributing Editor

New dehli


As we all know Covid-19 has spread across many countries resulting in the 2019 -2020 pandemic. Many countries have imposed fines, lockdown etc. to flatten the curve. One of the most effective ways of flattening the curve is lockdown. And people are finding it hard to spend time indoors .

We need something or others to entertain ourselves. So, it is quite obvious that we all are getting bored at our homes. But if we look on the bright side ,there are so many things we can do. Like, I really love to make watercolor sketches, but I was not able to make them as I didn't get any time to do it during my school routine. All of us were so busy doing office/school work that we forgot that we had passion to do something. But now is the time to discover that talent which we never thought we truly had. It's the time to discover ourselves.

It is normal to feel stressed out during these times. You can practice yoga or do meditation if you feel so. Doing regular exercise is also a great idea!! Trust me, you'll feel great after exercise. It helps you regulate your energy. Don't let your productivity get low. Try remembering the ideas, you always wanted to try.

So, just remember to do what you always wanted to do. Spend time with your family. This is your time to shine, to find out your hidden talent. There is no time boundation. Sometimes you never know what you are capable of. Make most of the time you have.