Black Panther

Author: Akshaj Mehta

Published on 3/3/19

The Soundtrack: Normally I could not care enough about a soundtrack in a movie, but this was great. All of it, even the songs with lyrics or just instrumentals.

Black Panther: A great character. His actions scenes were good with many being very acrobatic. His lines were also good although he could get boring at times. His interactions were good enough although my favorite was when he was with Shuri.

Killmonger: A good enough character. His lines were really good towards the end and his interactions with everyone was enjoyable to watch. His action scenes were great too. His death was something I was not too fond of. I wish he would have gotten away because it felt rushed having a villain introduced and killed by the end. I know some other movies have had something similar but I would have liked more to his character in general. His motivations were also something that people could understand, making him a good villain.

Shuri: My favorite character. Her lines were great and I liked her scenes with her brother and mother. I wanted more action with her, but I got that in Infinity War. Her overall scenes with the car chase especially, was really good.

Okoye: A good character. Her action scenes were really good and her lines were also pretty good. Would have liked more action with her, but that was granted in Infinity War.

Everett K. Ross: A good side character. His scenes were good, but a drag at times as well. His scene flying the ship remotely was pretty interesting to me. His interactions were good too and especially great when he was in Wakanda.

Ulysses Klaue: An interesting character. His motivations were somewhat shaky to me. His death seemed rushed and wasted especially since it was by Killmonger. His action scenes were good but other scenes were ok. His lines were good too.

Overall: When I first saw this movie, I was in awe. Wakanda was beautiful and they captured a magnificent world with good action and story telling. The second time I saw it, I noticed it’s one flaw. It can get really boring at times. I get that we have to have some sort of story, but for a Marvel movie, I felt a little let down. The cgi was good in the beginning but went downhill towards the end. The characters were great, and their acting was good. I would recommend to Marvel fans and an average movie goer, but this movie should not be too much of a priority to watch. 7.5/10.