Jaskaren Dhillon


Excited, yet nervous

What should I feel?

My first roller coaster

Was finally here

My seat belt buckled

1 2 3, were the words on the speaker

We were ready for dispatch

Was this feeling I felt for all of the riders?

The cart started moving

Going up and down

Here and there

All around

Screams of joy escaped my mouth

But then it got slow

I realized that we were descending up

Then down the hill, we would go

Once we got to the top,

We went down so fast

As if I was going down but my stomach was going up

Then the hill ended at last

Yet the ride was still going fast

So I closed my eyes

Then I felt my hair go up,

And thought, This isn’t right

I opened my eyes to see that we were upside down

And as we went to the side of the loop,

I saw how high we were

And heard screams of my group

I kept my eyes open as we went through another loop

My stomach filled with butterflies

And after the loop, the ride came to a halt

And I looked up at the sky

I got out of the cart

And gave a laugh of relief

I had just taken my first roller coaster

And I was thrilled