Author: Kylie Huang


I imagine a world where all people are equal. I imagine a world with fair opportunities for all. I imagine a world where everyone is safe. I imagine a world where no one is hungry.

Looking around, there is trouble everywhere. There is poverty here, pollution in the air. People act with hate, with selfishness, with greed. This needs to stop, action needs to be taken.

Kainotomia is a place not far away, created by the hopes of the world. It’s a place to be safe and a place for the future. A community to go by, to grow and to grow. All based on ideas of the young and the old, for equality and justice, a home for us all. Achievements can happen, moving in the right direction. It will take time, it will take effort, but working together anything is possible.

In Kainotomia “innovation” is key. Wide open minds, a sense of humanity. Proving to the world that there is good within us all. Working together, using our resources and research, our ideas and discoveries, all for good.

Build new things, think more creatively. There are new solutions to hard problems, right on the end of our fingertips. Just reach more, ask for help. There is no need for greed, for selfishness, for anger or hatred. Just love, just kindness, just a helping hand.

For travel, a ship, a boat, a plane. All run on clean renewable energy, not wasting resources unnecessarily. Electromagnetic power, levitation, speed. Going fast, going together, all through to the future.

For safety, a community. All for one and one for all. Working together, side by side. We are all human, we are all the same. We have our differences, but put them aside. Make a future for your children to be safe, for your children to be educated, for your children to have friends and for your children to be healthy.

For convenience, companionship, relationships, friendship. Learn about others, expand your horizons. Investigate the cultures, delve in the food. Share and everything will come to you. Make things closer together, not thinking about profit, just about human kindness. Only then will the world be a better place.

So far from our reach and yet so close. Kainotomia is more than a dream. It is a hope for the future, a future for us all. We are all interconnected here on this earth. Let us work together for the greater good, helping each other and helping ourselves in the process. Forget about you being first. Forget about pain for those you deem unworthy. We are all here, we are all together. Let us be friends, not enemies.