My Biking Adventure


Atiksh M.

4th Grade

Np3 Elementary School

Today I will tell you about my longest bike ride ever. We when to the left then we kept going at that time we had been near the supermarket. And it was going and going but we missed the path!!! But eventually, we noticed that and changed course. Then after we passed some houses it was still peaceful but bumpy. So we went on a path that leads us to a little road then back to the trail. Then we hit some gravel but it wasn't the first time. Then we kept biking and stopped for a break before crossing a bridge. We biked on a really high bridge but things went downhill. LITERALLY. We went down the bridge and we did a lot more gravel riding then after a long time I found a place that was close to my house and I was so happy and then we went home. I loved this biking experience it was really long, but worth the fun.