Submission Criteria

Information that you must include with any submission

  • Title

  • Main story/Article (Where applicable)

  • Pictures (Please confirm copyrights)

  • Your information that you would like to be included in the author section with your work.

Submission Criteria for Written Pieces

  • All genres of stories and articles are accepted.

  • Please make sure the language and material is appropriate for a young audience

  • Please put your stories or articles in a document and send the document as an attachment via email.

  • Please send your stories to

  • Please send your articles to

Submission Criteria for Videos

  • Please make sure the video is less than 5 Minutes.

  • The videos MUST be recorded horizontally.

  • Please send your stories to

Editing Process:

  • The stories will go through a review and editing process by myself or contributing editors.

General Guidelines

  • Write To Lead accepts stories/pictures/articles appropriate for kids between the ages of 8-16. (Exceptions apply)

  • Multiple submissions are allowed.

  • Original work should ONLY be submitted.

More Rules That Apply

  • NO Political based articles

  • NO Foul Language

  • NO Discriminatory plots or language/characters to any person or place whatsoever

  • NO Sensitive Topic Plotlines or References