Holidays Around The World


Dipika V. - Contributing Editor


“Holidays” is one word that always gets us jumping out of our chairs. Holidays are the time when people meet and greet each other. Exchange presents and have loads and loads of fun.

Holidays are different around the world. People enjoy holidays on other occasions around the world.

In Japan, though there are many national holidays, people enjoy the Cherry blossom season the most. In Japan, Cherry blossom is known as “Sakura”. People often take off from their work and enjoy picnics under the Cherry blossom trees. Though it is not a declared holiday, the blossoming of Cherry blossom is seen as a auspicious occasion and many festival fairs and celebrations are held up. And with all that celebration going on, this time of the year is felt like the holiday season in Japan.

In India, there are many holidays. Be it religious or national, each holiday is celebrated with full enthusiasm. In India, the holiday season comes twice a year. The first phase is from Feb end till April. Many religious holidays are noticed under this time of the year. The starting of the New year, according to the Indian Calendar, is during this time. Therefore, at this time of the year, people visit their families, seek their blessings, and exchange presents. The second “Holiday” phase comes at the time of Diwali. The starting of the festive season is marked at the beginning of the Navratri’s. After Navaratri’s comes Dusshera and then Diwali. Markets and tourist destinations are decorated during this time of the year.

The biggest holiday in Russia is at the time of the New Year. New Year in Russia is celebrated with full enthusiasm; just like in the West. People meet and greet. Drink and have loads of food.

In China, Lunar Year is the most widely celebrated festival in the country. The holidays are marked in the Lunar calendar in the starting of Jan or Feb. Weekly celebration is done. Fairs are set up during this time of the year. People enjoy traditional food, games and drinks. People burst firecrackers to ward of the evil spirits. People meet and greet each other and exchange gifts.

Holidays are indeed different around the world. People celebrate them in different ways. But all the holidays share one thing in common and that is people meet their families and gift each other presents and share the same happiness. Holidays are definitely the happiest time of the year.