My Trip To Disneyland

Author: Atiksh Mehta

8 years Old


My Disneyland Trip

I couldn’t wait to go on this trip with my family. And it was so incredibly fun!

The first stop was delicious dinner goofy's kitchen and it was a blast! Goofy welcomed us. Minnie Mouse and Pluto came at our dinner table. The desserts were so yummy that I ate tons.

The very next day the best part of the trip comes, which was the big thunder mountain aka my First Roller Coaster Ride and man was it awesome!!!

There was an area of the ride where it was dark and TNT got blasted and pushed us super fast! I also liked hyperspace mountain. That was one of the most fastest and scariest roller coasters I’ve been on.

I went on Star tours and the 3d effect and the moving around was so fun! I met Kylo Ren,Chewie,Darth vader and Stormtroopers and had so much fun but was a little scary with them in their face.

I also built my very own blue kylo ren lightsaber, and it was an amazing experience. I got to pick pieces from a bay and construct it and ignite it for the first time.

The lunch was delicious at Docking Bay 7, I ate mac'n'cheese with Carrots and beans. The chicken was crunchy but a little dry.

The next day, we went to California Adventure, we met Black Panther, Captain America, Mater, Lightning McQueen. It was so cool to meet my childhood hero. Cars land ride was so much fun with my brother, and the drops were kind of scary and fun! The cars there felt so real and the rock decorations were amazing.

I had so much fun with my family on this amazing trip.