Dipika V - Contributing Editor


Almost a year now and we are still at our homes, quarantined. It is getting a bit stressful now, isn’t it?? And due to this it gets more important to unwind and relax yourself. It perfectly fine to feel stressed and anxious during the pandemic because you have been in your house for almost a year now. So, do not be harsh on yourself. Accept that some days are more productive than others. You can surely take up yoga, aerobics or any other sport. Because you will be able to distract yourself from the thoughts in your mind and not only this you will keep in shape and you will be using your body energy in something productive and this will reassure you that you did something productive in the day.

If you feel anxious, it gets important to let it out. When I feel anxious, I either write or share my feelings and concerns with others. I unwind by listening to music and doing yoga. I have taken up a few recipes from the internet to keep myself engaged in some activity. Not only keeping myself busy helps me clear my thoughts but it also relaxes me. You should try some fun d.i.y’s if you are feeling stressed. They will definitely help you relax. I paint my feelings in my drawings and that definitely helps me a lot.

We do not when the pandemic will be over so it gets important to look after your mental health too. It is very important for us to understand that it is normal to feel stressed and anxious during these times because it is almost a year, we are at our homes and all of this wasn’t the part of the regular routine we used to have in the past. It is now not only necessary but also important to keep in touch with others. Just distract yourself from your thoughts and relax.