Happiness or success? What should we aim for?


Dipika V. - Contributing Editor


Happiness or Success: what should be aim for?? Well, no one knows it for certain. It is the same scenario as the riddle of chicken and egg. Just like the answer to the riddle of chicken and egg varies, the answer for happiness or success also varies. According to the Google dictionary, success means accomplishment of a purpose or an aim. And many people think being happy in life or in any phase of life means being successful. And there is no denial in that. But many people also think that being successful means being wealthy and having a big house and living in luxury. Well, there is also no denial in that too. Meaning of success and happiness varies from person to person too. As for me, success means being happy and contended with myself.

A study conducted in 2005 showed that happy people are more successful than those who are not. And many successful people work harder in order to be happy. So, you see both of these terms are interrelated. And as the famous proverb also goes ‘’Happiness is the key to success.’’ So, being happy is being successful. You can be happy by doing more of what you love to do, doing journaling, exercising daily are some things that are proven effective in maintaining constant happiness. Albert Einstein also said “Living a simple and a modest life will bring you more happiness then that of constant success and restlessness together.

So, in the end I guess we know the answer. Being happy and looking after yourself is important; just like being successful is. You define your success and happiness. Do not let others define it for you.

Do what you love and go with the flow and you will be the happiest and most successful person you ever saw.