The Importance Of Education

Author: Dipika Vij - Contributing Editor


As we all are aware that doctors, nurses, janitors, policemen etc. are playing a vital role in saving the world from the pandemic. They are also known as ‘corona warriors’. They are the first in line of defense against the disease. The second line of defense follows the truck drivers, shopkeepers, fruit/vegetable vendors, delivery men who are also working day and night, so that everyone gets essential items and no one sleeps hungry.

But there is also a third line of unsung heroes and they are the teachers. They are working so hard that education reaches the students uninterrupted even during these times. The sudden shut down of schools, hobby classes, coaching centers have also lead to the disturbed routine of children/ students. And teachers and parents are working hard and supporting children so that their education does not suffer. Except online learning , it is also important to get kids engaged in other recreational activities so that they don’t feel stressed. Such situations demand the guidance and support of teachers and parents. And with a ample of time in hands, parents are able to make their children learn new things. My parents are teachers and they are working all that students’ education is not neglected.

Every teacher is working to their best. Preparing notes and explaining them to students through online teaching is a very hard thing to do. Every parent is also a teacher during these times. Teachers are looking and using innovative ways to help parents/students in learning from home. They are essential for the community. They help the community by contributing their knowledge. And it is our role to respect them and keep them encouraged during these times.