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Dipika V. - Contributing Editor


Diary of a young girl is a book of the diary entries of Anne Frank. According to her diary entry, the diary was given to her as a gift for her 13 the birthday. Anne often mentioned how much she loved her diary as it was easy to confide in. As a reader, it almost seemed like as the diary meant as a person to Anne. Her diary entries are very interesting to read. I was totally absorbed into the book. She referred to her diary as source of comfort and support. Anne mentions her diary as ‘’ Kitty’’. Her first few diary entries talk about her and her school life. Then after a few entries, she explains and talks about her way into the hiding. She has also explained about her hiding place in detail. She mentions that no one would be amused in reading diary entries of a 13- year-old girl which I think is an understatement, as her diary is one of the most sold books of the time. Often in her entries she has written about her relationship with her family and the members in the hiding. She, as per her diary entries was interested in art history, Greek mythology and she has also written about her interest in the Royal Family such as collecting their photocards and keeping up the news of it via news given on radio. The book is a classic read and audience recommended would be 13+.