Dork diaries: Spectacular Superstar


Dipika V - Contributing Editor


Dork diaries: The Spectacular Superstar is indeed amazing. I really enjoyed reading the book. The book had new concept in comparison to other books in the series. This time, Nikki Maxwell and her band ‘Actually I am not sure yet’ gets to do the opening act for the world-famous boyband, Bad Boyz on their National Tour. I really enjoyed the book because of its new concept because in previous books, the books revolved around Nikki and her arch nemesis Mackenzie. But this time, the author picked up the concept of fangirling and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

I liked the way, how the author also managed to keep up the role of Mackenzie and her friends. I really liked those suspense moments in between, like where Nikki was in deep trouble because Mackenzie was about to sell Fuzzy Friends to someone for huge profit. I would say the role of Mackenzie was also quite updated. She showed off her cunning side this time. It was pretty entertaining to read.

Overall, I would say the book was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed it; the book had a new concept. And I am surely looking forward to read more Dork Diaries with new concepts, like this one. I would recommend the book if you have read a few Dork Diaries or going to start reading the series or even if you are a fangirl.