Dork Diraries

Author: Dipika V. Contributing Editor


Dork Diaries is a fiction based book series written by Rachel Renée Russell. The book follows the adventures of a 14 year old girl, Nikki Maxwell. Nikki studies in Westchester Country Day school. She thinks of herself as the 9th most unpopular girl in her grade because she always gets blown up by her archenemy, Mackenzie Hollister. Mackenzie belongs from a rich family, and is the admin of the Cute, Cool and Popular clique. Nikki also likes a boy named Brandon.

I have read almost all of the books in the series. They are very relatable to read also. I really like Chloe and Zoey (besties of Nikki), as they are always motivating Nikki to be herself and stand up and confront Mackenzie. What I really like about the book is that they are entertaining and can keep you busy as long as you read them. My favorite book from the series is ‘Drama Queen’ because in this Hollister gets to read Nikki’s diary.

The book can be read by preteen and teen girls or by any girl who is having a hard time at school. The book series also help in gaining a good vocabulary as the words used in this are adequate. If you have read the Wimpy kid series you’ll like it and the book series are worth reading once in your tween years. The book series are entertaining, fun and is packed with high school drama. The books are like a deep dive in a life of a girl, who is trying her best to fit in.