Escape To The Mesa

Author: Atiksh Mehta

Age 8

Published on 6/3/2020

Escape to the Mesa is short and unique in many ways. Like how she got Page and Molly. Or realizing that all her wolves have powers. This book is limitless. It is about Stacy who is raised by wolves and since winter is coming, the wolves are being hunted so they escape to the mesa. Stacy is the main character and learning about her past must have been hard to realize. it's cool to think that she fell out of a helicopter and not disprove her intelligence.

Everest was cool and sometimes disapproves her ideas and he hates her lying

Droplet and splat are energetic and young and being taught by Noah to hunt and catch fish

Noah is an expert on catching fish and able to breathe underwater when Stacy thought he was gone for he was out of the water and not even panting.

Addison was the one who Stacy think can read and brought her newspapers and she was smart.

Tucker is cool and like Everest sometimes disapproves her ideas

Basil is brave and scared by a lightning bolt she looks fierce.

Page and Molly are younger than the pack and playful. Page and Molly are Stacy real life dogs and in the book too. It is cool and unique and I suggest you read it too.

Overall I would give it a 10/10

I challenge my friends Jackson, Matthew, Andrew, and Lucas as well as Brock to write a book review and suggest good reads!