Grandmas Bag Of Stories

Author: Aahana Dewan

Age 8

School: new Millenium School - DPS (Bahrain)


Sudha Murty is a prolific writer in English and Karnada. She wrote many books like technical books,novels,and children's books. Out of these books I read “GRANDMA’S BAG of STORIES '' and THE BIRD WITH GOLDEN WINGS. This book is about a Grandma who used to tell her seven grandchildren stories in the summer days and nights and they used to enjoy it. When Grandma opened her bag of stories, everyone gathered around. These stories are very interesting to read. These books have morals at the end and I like to learn from these books as well.

  • Doctor,Doctor-It's a story about Ravi a grocer and a old man with a magic picture.

  • Kavery and the thief- How a wise and clever woman made fool of a thief not but thrice.

  • The story of Paan - How after death the family stayed together.

All stories are easy to read and understand. I highly recommend moral based Sudha Murty books.