Starry River Of The Sky

Author: Dipika Vij

Contributing Editor -


‘Starry river of the sky’ is the sequel of ‘Where mountain meets the moon’. The book is set in the past of the first book. The book is about the life of the Magistrate's son, who is tired of his father shouting and yelling at him and his sister for not agreeing with his ambition of becoming the most powerful emperor the dynasty has ever seen. The boy ends up escaping and hiding in a merchant’s cart and on being found in the cart, the owner takes the boy to help him with the chores of the inn. Then suddenly, one day the boy realizes that the moon has been missing for days and no one has even cared to even pay attention to it. And then suddenly one day, a mysterious lady arrives at the inn, who tells the stories about the moon, staring at the end of the book that all the stories that she told, were of her. Thus, making her the Moon lady a.k.a Moon Goddess!! As soon as I realized this I was really surprised! Whereas, on the other hand, the boy starts to hear strange moans and groans at night time.

In the end of the book, the boy is finally able to solve the mystery of the moon. And once when the moon is returned back to the sky, Madame Chang a.k.a Moon Lady is mysteriously gone!! And as I said she is gone because the Moon or her home has been returned back to the sky once again. I really like how the way every scene and folktale are connected from the life of the boy and other things that seemed strange to the boy.

Once again, the book is based upon life philosophy. I really liked how the book focuses upon how that someone/ something we are looking for in our life is sometimes just right beside and we fail to notice it. I really liked the ending of the book, that the boy makes the daughter of the owner of the inn realize that sometimes we are not leaving, we are returning. I will give 10/10 to the book for both full page illustrations and storyline.