The Deep End


Dipika V. - Contributing Editor


Finally after waiting for an year, we got the another Wimpy Kid sequel : The Deep End. So, this book also follows the concept of its previous sequels : The Getaway and The Long Haul. Just like in the previous books the Heffley’s go on another family trip. The book also had some parts from the current scenario of the pandemic. The author has mixed it well with the book’s story. I loved that part of the book.

The book follows the experiences of Heffley’s in the wildlife. I can say that the book was a bit different from the others even though it had the same concept. The book is a good read to kill time or boredom. The author updated the image of many characters of the book. The protagonist, Greg Heffley seemed more childish to me than the previous book.

The book, overall was an amazing read. I enjoyed it. I recommend the book to you if you are a Wimpy Kid fan. If you are thinking to start the series then go right ahead. You are gonna love it. I am 100% sure.

I would give the book 8.5/10. Worth reading twice.