Where The Mountian Meets The Moon

Author: Dipika Vij

Contributing Editor - writetolead.com


‘Where the mountain meets the moon’ is a fantasy book, inspired by Chinese folktales. The book follows the day-to-day life a village girl- Minli in the starting. Minli lives on the Fruitless Mountain with her parents. Nothing grows on the mountain except some rice, that to only once a year. Minli’s mother is always cursing her fate for getting such life. On the other hand, Minli’s father is very calm and believes that one day everything will be fine and crops will again grow on the hard soil of the Fruitless Mountain. He every night tells Minli folktales about the mountain and other living things around her, but her mother refuses to believe the folktales or the stories... she says that they are fictions and rubbish and tells Minli to not believe them.

One day, Minli is told the story of the old man of the moon, who is said to answer all the questions about life and change fortune of someone. After hearing this story of old man of the moon, who lives on the never-ending mountain Minli decides to go him and ask him to change their fortune. After that Minli sets off on her journey which is guided by a golden fish in starting and accompanied by a flightless dragon.

I really love the book. The book tells about different folktales from China. Everyone who reads the book will perceive different values from it. For me, I realized the importance of thankfulness

and sacrifice for others. The book is a must read if you want to learn your importance in somebody else’s life, importance of thankfulness and most importantly if you want to change your perspective.