Aladdin 2019

Author: Kanak Vanam

4th Grade


Aladdin - Movie Review

Spoiler Alert!

The emotion of the starting song" Arabian Nights" blew me away. The sound of this song was breathtaking. You could really feel the powerful emotion of the story Will Smith was trying to tell.

The stronger Will smith's voice got, the more I could understand what he was feeling!

The music is AMAZING!!!!!!! The soundwaves of this film are the most magical sounds I have ever heard! The beauty of these songs is that, whether the character is feeling pain, or jealousy, love, whatever it is, I can feel it too!

Now let's talk about our courageous character - Aladdin. What would you do if you were granted 3 wishes? This is a pretty big deal for anyone, especially for someone like Aladdin who never had anything. I mean, he could wish to be the wealthiest person in the world or he could be incredibly powerful. But even the genie himself warns that drinking from that cup is never fulfilling. "There's never enough," and Aladdin can see the wisdom in that.

What he wants more than anything is the love of a princess, but of course, a meager thief can't marry a princess, right? So he takes the risk of telling the story of the "whole new world" and becomes "Prince Ali Ababwa" in the hope to win Jasmin's heart. What do you think his three wishes should be?

A few words about our princess Jasmine- She is strong-willed, kind-hearted but never the one to be told: "what to do." The song "Speechless" shows that even if you are a girl, you can be whatever you want to be! Even the Sultan!

Finally, the costumes for this production are… OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Every little detail in the costumes has something to say. The costumes are colorful, magical, and most importantly bring each character to life.

Watch this movie to make your kids (even adults) learn in this material world Love, experiences, and wisdom still RULE!


Even if I thought this movie was quite remarkable, I have but one the question, why MUST every princess in Disney movies get married? Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the movie. Adored it. Princess Jasmine could have become the sultan, ruled over Agrabah herself, and would have been just fine. But no, she had to marry Mr. Aladdin. Therefore, I rate this movie four stars.