Alita Battle Angel

Author: Dipika Vij

8th Grade

Maxfort School - New Dehli



Director And producer Robert Rodriguez has brought us another sci-fi movie; Alita:Battle angel after his first sci-fi movie,Spy kids in 2001.The movie is based upon an anime comic:Gunnm written by Yukito Kishiro in the 1990's. In the beginning, the movie binds us with the generation of humans and cyborgs living together in Iron city. Dr.Ido, who makes and replaces human parts with machines,finds an alive battle cyborg in the Scrapyard. He revives the battle cyborg and realizes that she has the soul of a teenager and he name'sher Alita;which was the name of the daughter of Dr.Ido who died in an accident.

Alita,who remembers nothing from her past life is amazed to see Iron city. She meets Hugo..who works for Vector;he is the head of the Motorball game. Alita finds out that Dr.Ido was a hunter-warrior when she sees and follows him in the night. She fights in a battle. During that fight something triggers her memory.She imagines herself fighting on the moon. When she tells Hugo about it. He takes her to an alien ship Alita enters the ship and the ship responds to her. She tells Dr.Ido about it and he tells her that she was a URM berserker and She was drawn to conflict due to this. The technique that she uses is Panzer Kunst.

Later in the movie,Hugo tells Alita about his dream to go to Zalem Alita tells him about the rule;that nobody ever goes to Zalem from Iron City. And that's the rule that has never been broken Hugo does not listen to her and continues to pursue his dream. Vector realizes that Alita could be a threat to motorball as his wife was first married to Ido and 'Alita' could be a danger to his wife and his game. So,he asks Hugo to tell Alita to enroll in motorball. The movie really picks up from here and it gets super good!

Overall I liked the movie. It is a must watch for everyone. Can't really think of something that I did not like about the movie. It is the best sci-fi movie I have seen so far. This movie is highly recommended by me if you love anime,sci-fi,and all things like that you will love it!! This movie is entertaining but it also has many moral values,such as never giving up,believing in yourself etc. The movie is so nice that you can watch the movie more than once. The movie is action-packed,entertaining,fun and has powerful visuals. The movie was amazingly-brilliant. Fans are expecting a sequel too. The sequel for the movie is already written by Pat Cadigan.