Avatar The Last Airbender

Author: Akshaj Mehta

Published on 2/16/19

Disclaimer: As a fan of the animated tv show, this review may have some bias but it will mostly be from a critics standpoint.

Aang: A pretty strange character to say the least. The rest of the cast keep pronouncing his name wrong which is just stupid as his name is not even hard to say. His actions scenes were ok and his acting was mediocre. He was not the fun-loving character we see in the show and is very serious here. I don’t like how the Avatar cannot have a family which contradicts some things in the show.

Katara: An ok character. Her acting was pretty bland and why did she have so much narration? She was kind of passing as over confident, which was kind of similar in the show. Her action scenes were ok as well.

Sokka: A mediocre character. Now this bugs me a lot because he is not funny like he was in the show and was very serious. His acting was also very mediocre and would have liked more action scenes with him.

Zuko: HIS SCAR IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Now this would not have been too bad if it wasn’t for the fact it was one of his driving motivations! Acting was also ok and his action scenes were good.

Iroh: A ok character and his casting should have been better. No tea jokes? Like come on script writer! His actions scenes were ok and would have liked more mentorship.

Overall: There is not a lot of good to be said about this movie. The acting is lackluster, the script is pretty bad the cgi is mostly good but how does it take 9 earthbenders to lift a rock?! The casting was not great either. The plot was mostly different from the tv show and some parts did not make any sense at all. Why were the right race actors not cast? As a biased perspective this was just really bad. 2/10. As a movie critique this was more or less mediocre. 4.5/10