Avengers Infinity War

Author: Akshaj Mehta


Characters: This movie weighed heavily on Tony which I felt was not the best decision because it really did not give room for other characters to shine. But all of his scenes were great. His new suit really is amazing and his lines were also good enough. I wish Captain America got more screen time and played a more important role. Although that got solved in Endgame, I still would’ve liked more here. Doctor Strange was a good character. I did not particularly like his solo movie but this movie made me like him more. The GOTG were also good, nothing special though. Wakanda was good and Black Panther also was good enough in this movie. Spiderman was mediocre, don’t really like his actor too much. Hulk was a disappointment because we didn't see him a lot and was really disappointing. I wanted to see him smash more stuff before he went all sciency and combined with banner in one form.The rest of the avengers were nothing special and were sort of underwhelming.

Character Entrances: Only one entrance stood out and that was Thor entering Wakanda. The score, the feeling of excitement, it was just great. Many people started to clap when it happened when I first watched it.

Thanos: I am putting him in his own category because he is the best Marvel Villain to date. He made it feel as if there were stakes. And he accomplished his goal. It was really shocking to see the snap be in the MCU because of how most Marvel villains were just basically throwaways and did not really accomplish much. His lines were so good too.

Plot: There were a little to many side plots going on for my taste because only one or 2 of them were really interesting. Although most of them did keep the watcher entertained and excited throughout the movie. The Tony fake out was good because how his character was not ready to die and wasn’t fully developed. The plot seemed to have many twists and turns which I personally liked. This movie seems to drag in places though when dialogue occurs specifically with Thanos and Gamora.

Action: It was good for the most part except the battle in Wakanda. The battle on Titan was so cool especially Thanos using the stones and the 1v1 with Thanos and Tony. It was really interesting seeing them all work as a team bringing different aspects to the table. The Battle in Wakanda was pretty boring till Thor showed up.

The Deaths: Gamora and Vision were the only permanent deaths and they did not feel impactful because of how meh the characters are. The rest came back but it did feel strange to see many characters “dying” at once.

Overall: This movie is good. It has some drag in parts but that can be overlooked. The action scenes were great so were the lines. The power distribution is also pretty strange in this movie. As many say this changed the Marvel Formula which was such a good thing. It made me really excited for Endgame. 8/10.