Author: Dipika Vij

8th Grade

Maxfort School - New dehli


COCO is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated film,produced by Pixar Animation studios and distributed worldwide by Walt Disney Pictures.The movie is based upon the idea of Lee Unkrich and is directed by him and co-directed by Adrian Molina.The plot of the movie is as follows:Miguel Rivera, a 12 year old boy,who disappears from the real world and ends up getting in the land of the dead, when he tries to 'steal' Ernesto de`la Cruz guitar from his mausoleum, for participating in a talent show, to prove his family that he is a true musician. And as for his family, they all hate any kind of music because once Miguel's great-great-grandfather(later héctor) traded his family over music. So,his wife starts the shoe business.After that,the movie is all about how Miguel returns back to the real world and discovers more family secrets.

Miguel really had the courage to tell his family that he loved music;even if his family hates music.'Coco' is actually the name of Miguel's great -grandmother,who is the daughter of Héctor,and keeps his memory alive,even when the family is trying to forget it.The concept of the movie is based upon the famous Mexican festival 'day of the dead '.The movie moreover focuses on motivating every individual to pursue their dream and have the courage to make them come true.It also tells us that it is important to know your past,it makes you what you are today.I also really liked the role of Héctor,how he helps Miguel to get his blessing from his great-great-grandfather.(who is Ernesto de`la Cruz,but reallly is Héctor).In the end;one year later,Miguel's family breaks the 'curse' of music and lets Miguel play music.

The movie is very thoughtful.If you want your siblings,children to have a great time while learning moral values. This is the perfect movie.The movie is also the winner of many awards. If you have seen movies like-Moana,Frozen etc. you'll love it!!! You can watch it with your family. Try watching the movie once,and trust me,you'll love it!! Kids or adults, everyone will love it. It tells you about the importance of family. It has memorable-characters.