The Mandalorian Season 1

Author: Akshaj Mehta


Disclaimer: The Mandalorian is a TV Show but I will be writing about the whole season in this review.

The Mandalorian in my opinion was a very interesting not just story wise Star Wars show.

Comparing it to other Star Wars TV Show, The Clone Wars, it is a bit less likable in my opinion. Considering this show only had 1 season so far, I do believe it did the best job it could.

Watching this I learned a bit about tv shows in general as there were a little to much filler for only 8 episodes and the finale felt way to fast paced.

The characters are likable which is good, but having limited story to good characters does not help a show.

The episodes visually were stunning and jaw dropping. Props to the editors as this show blew my mind on effects it used for a TV show.

Cara Dune's and The Mandalorians dynamic was pretty good and I think those two were the best characters right now. I also did enjoy IG-11 as a character.

Unfortunately there is not too much character development besides the main character which is somewhat disappointing. However with only 8 episodes I think they did the best they could.

The story was interesting but it did not feel like there was any underlying story that they were going to accomplish.

Overall, I would have to wait to see season 2 of it to make a full judgement but for now I would still recommend it if you have Disney plus. If not, then it wouldn't be really worth it for this one show.