National Treasure 2

Author: Akshaj Mehta


Characters: Nice to see the return of all the original movie characters. They all have the same personalities which is good. Riley sometimes talks a little too much and his jokes get annoying from time to time. Their misplaced sometimes. The president was a good enough character and his lines were also nice. Patrick Gates is more prominent in this movie which is mediocre because of how less significance he provides other than the fact of his bloodline. Ben Gates is the same as the last movie so not much to say there. Abigail was about the same as the other movie and she always seemed to be a mediocre character to me. The villain in this, Mitch has motivations unclear to the viewers. It just seems like messy character development especially during the end. He kind of seemed like the villain from the last movie, which is not a good thing.

Plot: I like the original National Treasure but this feels like too much of a rehash to me. I would have wanted a new type of plot other than a treasure hunt. I would have wanted to see the murder mystery they were setting up in the beginning other than the treasure hunt. Other than that it was a pretty good treasure hunt and the spectacle was pretty good especially during the end. It seemed messy at times and the time it took for them to advance it during dialogue took way too long. It dragged when the unnecessary Patrick and his ex-wife's relationship was brought up and the Abigail and Ben as well. Te ending seemed way to rushed and that was a problem with the last one too. If the relationship parts were cut out then it could have had a more thought out ending. It’s like they find it, then the water comes in, they escape and come back and excavate it. This all takes place in maybe the last 20-30 min in the movie too.

Conclusion: This movie has it’s charm in some ways. But it also has some negatives which I pointed out. 7/10. You can skip it if you watched the first one but it is a good enough watch if your bored and have nothing else to do and don’t think about the plot too much.