Pokemon I Choose You

Author: Atiksh Mehta

Age 8


Pokemon I Choose You was a good movie

Lets start off by reviewing the main characters.


He was a bad, selfish, careless character. He abandoned his Chamader and that scene was sad to see he thought it was weak because he was annoying to him. He told him to stay because of that.


A good character. His study of his plan of being a Pokemon professor was cool.

The way he described the legend was very clear.


She was an okay character. Her Piplup is strong and she pulled out 2 moves I didn't expect at all. And she even saw Secuine!!!


Ah the main character. He was given the rainbow wing from Ho-oh. I didn’t like how he died, and it doesn't make sense how he still lived?

The story was unique. However, didn’t like ash dying. And Cross abandoning Charmander, it's just sad:(

Overall I would give it 9.5/10 on this movie.

I would love if all of my friends who are a fan of Pokemon to read this. Who is Jackson, Brock, Alec, Michele, Matthew and Liam and Riad as well as Andrew.