Revenge Girl

Author : Dipika V. Contributing Editor


‘’Revenge Girl’’ is a Japanese movie starring Nobuyuki Suzuki and Mirei Kiritani in lead roles. The

movie is about an egoistic yet talented and beautiful girl, Miki Takarishi, who seeks revenge on a boy named Yuga. So, she stands in the elections as an opposition of Yuga’s party to take her revenge on him. She seeked revenge on him because he had ditched her.

Miki, who has never fought or won an election, decides to seek help… and finds a perfect person to help her. Nobuyuki Suzuki plays the role of her aide a.k.a Toshiya Kadowaki. Toshiya does not want to help her because he thinks that she will never win the elections because of the reason she is standing up in election. So, he challenges her to get more than 30k followers on her Instagram account and when she is able to accomplish the ‘’challenge’’ he realizes that she is fully focused on her goals and is a perfect candidate for forming a party and wining the prime minister election, thus he helps her. The movie is moreover based on this concept itself. Eventually, in the end Miki wins and realizes that seeking revenge on someone is totally opposite of what a political party should do and standing up in an election should not support causes like ‘’revenge’’

The movie is really entertaining and fun to watch. The genre of the movie would be comedy/drama.

The movie can be watched multiple times, it is worth it. I have seen the movie multiple times myself.

Mirei Kiritani gives her best in the movie to fit in the role of Miki Takarishi. The role of Toshiya and

Yugo are also interesting. The age recommended for the movie would be 11 and over. You are going to love the movie if you watched or heard about the 2015 Japanese movie ‘’Vampire in love’’. A must watch