Spiderman Into The Spiderverse

Author: Akshaj Mehta

Published on 1/4/2019

"That's all it is Miles. A leap of faith."

Spoilers!!! (This is all my opinion! Take this as grain of salt!)


I feel like most of the characters were given enough screen time although I did want to see more action scenes with the spider-verse characters.

Gwen Stacy: She was a ok character as her influence did not seem to impact the characters as much. Her scenes with Miles in the beginning were not really funny and it got to the point it was just annoying.

Spider-Ham: He was a ok comic relief and I see what they were going for. It worked well with most of the audience in the theater. I did enjoy his Looney Toons reference nearing the end and Spider-Man’s reaction to it. I really wanted to see more action scenes with this character in particular as his art style was very interesting to me.

Peni Parker: She was a good character. Her art style was more animeish which I thought brought some different aspects to the movie. Her robot was pretty cool when in action and her scenes felt sufficient to the plot and she had a good amount of screen time. When the robot got destroyed I felt like it was a rushed death they put in the movie and it did not feel necessary at all. However the reactions with the characters to it was genuine.

Spider-Man Noir: His art style was also very interesting to see on screen. He was also a good character with good enough screen time and his lines were also pretty good and moderately funny. I also wanted more action scenes with him as he is a Spider-Man who uses a gun and I wanted to see more of that explored in the movie.

Peter Parker: A fun character but short screen time. Though it makes sense why. I feel like getting slammed into the ground by Kingpin should not be how he died as he should have gone out in a fight with the Green Goblin, Kingpin and the Prowler.

Peter B. Parker: A fun character as well. His jokes were ok but most of them were shown in the trailer and it would have been better not to tell the audience about them until they watched it. His will to be sacrificed was annoying as he was very persistent about it. I enjoyed his scenes. He taught very good lessons to Miles and he was a good mentor character.

Miles Morales: An pretty good character. His action scenes and webbing around New York Scenes were incredible. He had a lot of character development which made the audience care more about him. He did portray a teenager very well with his actions and his general lines.

Aunt May: Also a good character. I do wish we got more scenes with her but the scenes that is there are great. She also had genuine reactions when she met Peter B. Parker.

KingPin: A moderate character. It was sort of cliché the way he invented the collider just to bring back his family. His action scenes where great and he did justice to the comic book version of him. One thing that irritated to me a lot was when he shot Prowler when he had an easy shot of Miles. I know plot protection and all that but realistically it bothered me.

The Prowler: A wasted character in my opinion. His scenes where great and his theme was especially impacting when Miles found out his true identity. He should have had a more fulfilling death.

Olivia Octavious:

Wow. What an incredible twist. I was shocked when she was revealed. I really liked this character. Her lines were ok at best but her action scenes and her tentacles is what stood out. It felt as if I was watching a better Spider-Man 2, which I was. This is one of the characters which i felt really happy all around, with screen time, lines and action. I hope she shows up in the next one.

The Story: The story was genuinely interesting with great twists and turns which keep making you want more. At some parts it makes you sit at the edge of your seat. No real consequences though or major deaths. The art style was just incredible with its dynamic colors and smooth animation. I did not notice any major plot holes and it did flow very well scene to scene. There was many surprises and that is what makes it stand out from any other Spider-Man movie. In most you could say that there are some places where you expect things to happen. That changes in this movie.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this movie to any superhero fan or someone who wants to enjoy a good movie, with incredible visuals. The characters overall where great, the action scenes where great as well and there was not too little or too much. 9/10. Great Job to everyone who worked on this movie and who acted in this movie.