Star Wars The Last Jedi

Author: Akshaj Mehta

Published on 1/13/19

Spoilers! This is all my opinion!!

I personally really liked this movie, although I can see where all the hate is coming from but I do feel some of it is over exaggerated.


Rey: A strong lead character. Her lines were fine and there was a lot of screen time with her. Her interactions and reactions throughout the movie seemed fit for her character. Her actions scenes were good too. Her parents plotline I felt was wasted. The reveal could have been better and to find out that they were nobodies, was disappointing.

Kylo Ren: Another good character. I liked his action scenes and I thought it was a bold move to kill Snoke although I feel like that was staged. There was no need of having him shirtless in the scene connecting Rey and his mind together. There is a scene I will talk about later with Rey and Kylo Ren which I felt was amazing.

Luke Skywalker: A ok character. He is getting a lot more hate than he deserves. I did not like the green milk scene and that could have been easily avoided. Rey training with him were good scenes and I liked the humor that was there. His scene at the end with Kylo was great.

Finn: A ok character as well. His actions scenes were mediocre but I did like the fight with Phasma. When Finn and Rose were about to get executed I would have liked them to have a scar. His love for Rey at times gets annoying too.

Rose: A mediocre character. If she was left out I would have been fine with it. She is also getting a little more hate than she needs. Her kiss with Finn at the end was a bad choice because she knew about Finn and Rey “relationship”. The Canto Bight scene with both was really boring as it had a save the animals plotline and I thought that was unnecessary. It was kind of a waste of a place.

DJ: A ok character. I wanted him to be the one controlling the At-St instead of BB-8. He was a crook and I get why. I don’t know if he was supposed to be some sort of comic relief but he definitely was not. An unneeded character and would have much rather had the Red Ploom Bloom Guy be instead of DJ.

Snoke: A good character but a little wasted. No background on him which was upsetting. The throne room scene was incredible, his lines were great too. He was much better than Palpatine in my opinion.

General Leia: Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher. She was a good character. Her lines were great and her scenes were good too. It was a very sad loss for the franchise and I give props to the directors for not killing her in the movie.

Poe Dameron: A very hot headed character to the point where it becomes annoying. The beginning battle was fine and his lines were good. BB-8 was ok and was also kind of annoying after a while. His scenes were fine too.

Captain Phasma: A good but wasted character. Her action scenes and lines were good too. I wanted more screen time with her though. I hope there was some unseen plot line were she is still alive because it would be great seeing her return in the next movie.

Snokes Throne Room: Wow. An amazing battle. The Praetorian Guards were great and the choreography was good. The music really set the mood and so did the lighting. Snokes death was also a good way to kill him but only after finding out more about his character.

The Supremacy Scene: A bold move to go completely silent when the rebel ship crashed into the Supremacy. The cgi was awesome and I loved the way it was portrayed. I did want Holdo to be switched with Admiral Ackbar for the sacrifice.

Overall a good movie. I really enjoyed it. Nice 8.5/10 would see it again and maybe twice.