The Clone Wars Season 7

Author: Akshaj Mehta


The Clone Wars Season 7

This review will be split into 4 parts. One for each story in this season.

The Bad Batch Arc

This Arc surprised me in many ways. The choices in this Arc was also very interesting to see on screen. I loved this arc though. It was a great starter to the season. The animation has jumped leaps and bounds from the last season. I love the new characters introduced and the whole story felt so cinematic. As if it were a movie. I liked the first episode because it reminded me heavily of the very first episode in the clone wars. The characters really did it for me though. The clones are my favorite part about the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars and having this Arc dedicated to Captain Rex and The Bad Batch was just so great. Mr. Dee Bradley Baker does excellent job portraying the clones and making them feel individual which is amazing. Matt Lanter is also so great in this arc voicing Anakin. Mr. James Arnold Taylor also does an amazing job in this arc voicing Obi Wan Kenobi. Bringing back Echo felt satisfying as his death in the earlier season felt out of place and seeing him back on screen was awesome. The dialogue between characters felt great and the finale was awesome. It was such a wonderful starter.

The Martez Sisters Arc

This Arc sort of let me down in a couple of ways. It looked incredible as always and the purpose was defiently not lost. It was so cool to see Ahsoka back on screen and to show where she was before the time of the Siege of Mandalore. However, this Arc sort of falls flat for me with the Martez sisters. Their characters felt out of place for me at times but eventually it came full circle which was nice to see the growth. Although I felt that this Arc could have been shorter. There were a ton of awesome Easter eggs in these episodes though.

The Siege Of Mandalore

This Arc was incredible. The music and cinematography characters, it was just fantastic. I loved every second. Maul being one of my all time favorite characters, it was so awesome seeing him on screen again. The fight between Ahsoka and him was incredible and felt outside the realm of animation. Ms. Ashley Eckstien and Mr. Sam Witwer are so incredible at voice acting those characters and really bringing them to life. Mr. Ray Park did the motion capture for the fight and it really showed. He did an excellent job. Of course you cannot forget about Captain Rex, and he got a fitting conclusion for his character for the Clone Wars. His story throughout was incredible and mind blowing of how he reacted to Order 66 and the events that took place. The finale was the perfect ending I could have wanted. Cinematic, beautiful and fulfilling. I could not have asked more from this show.

To all the readers, this show is incredible I highly suggest watching all 7 seasons of it. The cast, animators and the team behind this show is incredible and I cannot say thank you enough for making this show so much more than a average television show. The character development, the cinematography and the story never feels out of place.