The Lion King

Author: Ashley R. Contributing Editor


The Lion king

The new live action Lion King came out July 21st; since then people have been coming into the theaters to watch the amazing remake of a film that has both taken our breath away and has also broken our hearts. Both films make you feel for the main characters. Despite all the sad parts, both the remake and the original movie bring families together with high spirited music. In the remake they changed some of the words in some classic songs, but altogether the songs are amazing.

If you haven’t watched the remake or the original, or if you’ve only watched the original, then please don’t read on unless you want a spoiler. If you watched the first movie you probably remember the loving friends Pumbaa and Timon. They were always telling funny jokes and making us laugh. Their personalities have not changed, but their scheme to distract the hyenas has. Now, if you watched the scene in the original when Timon and Pumbaa go to distract the hyenas, Timon puts on his hula style and sings his song, “Are you hungry for a chunk of fat and juicy meat yup, yup eat my friend Pumbaa here he’s a real treat yup, yup he’s a big pig you can be a big pig too yup, yup” and he dances too! That’s great, but in the remake they made a shout out/easter egg to Beauty and the Beast by making Timon say something like, “Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present your dinner! Be our guest’’ and he runs away with Pumbaa. That was a funny part, but I prefer the original.

All in all the live action Lion King was a great movie and a big success for Disney.