The Princess Bride

Author: Ashley R. Contributing Editor


The Princess Bride is an award deserving movie. It is a must watch full of action adventure, laughs, thrills and chills, and fantastic fantasy. A tale of two lovers who are separated then unknowingly reunited. They go on an adventure to stop at nothing until they are together and out of harm's way.

The movie is an action and adventure packed! After Westley leaves the simple farm (and Buttercup.) A rumor is said that the ship he was on was attacked by The Dread Pirate Roberts and his dreadful crew. Everyone knew that The Dread Pirate Roberts took no captors and killed all. When poor Buttercup heard of this she was heartbroken and said, “I will never love again.”

Further into the movie Buttercup is soon to be wed to a prince and become a princess. But Buttercup did not love the prince. She was kidnapped before she could marry and was put on a ship and they sailed away. Her captors were three men. The leader was very short and intelligent, the second man was big and tall and very strong but sensitive, and the last was a normal man skilled in fencing.

At night they were all awake and Buttercup jumped in the water and tried to swim away. They then heard the sound of death. The giant eels. They watched the eels’ giant shiny bodies weaving in and out of the water. Buttercup was still swimming. The eels were hungry. She desperately swam back to the boat and they pulled her up just before one could eat her. They stopped their boat at the Cliffs of Despair. They looked up at the great wall of rock before them and started climbing. Soon they noticed someone was climbing after them below so when they got to the top the man skilled in fencing waited for the stranger. The stranger fought him and won. Then he met the giant and won. He finally came to the leader who was clutching Buttercup in his arms. The stranger challenged him to a battle of wits and won leaving the leader dead.

The tale isn’t over yet! Now for the thrills and chills that put you on the edge of your seat. Towards the end of the movie Wesley is captured and put on the Pit of Despair were his life is slowly sucked away. When they go into the Fire Swamp fire burst from the ground and they sunk into the quicksand. When they emerged they were staring into the eyes of the R.O.U.S.(Or the Rodent of Unusual Size.) It was a killing machine. Its teeth were bared and it didn’t look good for them...but (thank goodness) they killed it.

All of these amazing things that make up The Princess Bride and make it an award deserving movie.