Thor Ragnorak

Author: Akshaj Mehta


Story: This story had many ups and downs with some glaring plot holes. The fact that Hela was so powerful without being on Asgard when she destroys Thor’s hammer, and how she could have showed so much more while on Asgard. But most of the rest was great. The plot was not too strong and the characters stood out so much more.

Characters: Thor was pretty funny and many quips were said by most characters. This movie was one that made Thor feel so much more important and more interesting as a character. In other movies I felt that he was just a boring overpowered god with no personality, and this movie made him feel so much more than that. Granted I haven’t seen the other Thor solo movies because of how boring it seems. Taking his father and hammer away from him and most of his relationship with his brother, made the audience emphasize for him. This movie made me like Thor so much more. Loki was also a good character and his lines were pretty good. The Hulk was ok and the movie also changed my mind on him, there were many more lines which stood out of all the characters. The rest of the characters were ok, and didn’t stand out too much because their actions were somewhat predictable.

The Soundtrack: It was what to be expected of a Marvel movie, but the opening song and scene was great.

Overall: This movie did not stand out to me because of the plot. The plot was among the lesser great things in this movie. The characters, more importantly the main ones were great. It was sort of a redemption to them in a way because of how it focused on characters that were focused too much on before. It was an enjoyable movie, with low stakes. 7.5/10 because of the lines and character development.