Yellow Rose


Dipika V- Contributing Editor


Yellow Rose offers a brand new and a great concept of life an immigrant to the audience. The movie is about the journey of a girl who is an immigrant from the Philippines and has to decide whether to stay in the small town of Texas and become a country singer, or to go back to Philippines and live with her family. The whole movie is based on this simple storyline and I absolutely loved it till the end.

My favorite character was of course Rose herself. I loved everything about her; her dressing style, her music etc. in my opinion, I think Rose was very brave because she managed to live alone and become a country singer on her own. another character I liked was Dale, he helped Rose a lot by producing her music and giving her a place to live. Eventually in the end, Rose does start her career as a country singer and starts to establish herself.

The movie, overall was amazing. I think it is worth watching because it had a very refreshing concept. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly mainly because it was set in the country side and it felt really nice and pleasing to see such a movie. I would recommend to watch this movie with your friends or siblings, it will be a nice time, I can guarantee that. Overall, the movie is worth watching at least once. It is a 10\10 for me.

Editors Note: This film is rated PG-13