Tired of covid


Jaskaren D.


Do you remember, some time ago

When we all heard about it for the first time?

The deadly, scary, corona-virus

That’s all what everyone was talking about, it was crucially prime

And before I could blink, time went fast

The next thing I know, I’m wearing a mask

Washing my hands infinitely and all day

Looking around like everyone was a stray

Thoughts always swishing, whirling around my head

As if the world was falling quite so deep

Everything was complicated, life was strange

There was always such a big heap

A huge heap of worries in my head

Was I doing enough, enough to let the virus not spread?

But part of me knew, it was going to end

One day, the virus won’t thrive, and instead…

Do you remember, two years ago

When we were all scared?

But now, we’re stronger, and we’ll thrive together

And make this pandemic disappear