Ms Danielle Marshall


Akshaj Mehta
09/07/19 -

Ms. Marshall is a former United States Air Force Veteran, and served as a Clinical Lab Technologist at Travis Air Force Base.

Learn more about Ms. Marshall and her journey as an Air Force Veteran to a Businesswoman and a Community Leader.

What was your age when you decided to join the Air Force? Any family member or incident that motivated your decision?

I was 18 when I decided to join the Air Force. I left for Basic Training at 19. There really wasn't any one incident that motivated me to go. Just decided one day that I wanted/needed to do something different.

Were there any challenges that you went through? If so, how did you overcome them?

Yes, challenges were a way of life in the Air Force. At the end of the day, I knew that it was my responsibility to overcome those challenges. As a young woman and woman of color in the military, I often felt that I was the person to set the expectation of what people who looked like me were capable of.

During service did you ever feel any pressure or you were under stress?

Pressure and stress were an everyday part of life. I honestly don't remember a time when there wasn't pressure or stress. The thing is, we all were under the same amount, so my experience wasn't unique. In fact, the fact that our base was a mobility command, a training base, and we were at was for a good portion of my enlistment, it was just a normal thing to deal with. Looking back, it was very intense.

What was the food like?

The food in the hospital was actually quite amazing! We had registered dieticians and Le Cordon Bleu trained chefs who prepared meals in our dining facility while we were at work. Otherwise, we ate at other "chow halls" on base. They were pretty good too. Whenever we had field or war readiness exercises we at MRE's. Those were not my favorite.

Do you have a memorable experience during your service that you would like to share?

There were so many memorable experiences during my military service. Saving lives daily, teaching and training our laboratory, nursing and R.O.P students was also a highlight. I was also surrounded by some of the most amazing, giving, and admirable people I have ever met. I always wanted to work harder, and be a better person to make those people proud.

How did your service experience affect your life after? Was it positive or negative?

Overall it was a positive experience. I learned the importance of the Air Force core values: Integrity, Service before self, and Excellence in all you do. I still work to live by these values and attempt to truly live a life of service to others. I also learned to see the good in all situations(Well, most of the time) and to keep moving forward no matter how hard things are.

What career did you pursue after?

I stayed in the Clinical Laboratory field for several years after I separated from military service. Since, I've developed a career in Business Development Consulting.

Would you want your experience to be written as an book? If yes, what would the title be?

I think it would be interesting at least. It would probably called "Unapologetic". I would love to be able to truly see their experiences as what shapes them into who they are meant to be. People should be unapologetic about being who they truly are.

For everyone else reading this, especially young students, is there anything you would like them to know?

The military is an option to consider as a career or start to a career. You learn so much about what you can accomplish and even more, what you can accomplish with an amazing team who genuinely have the same goals; to support and defend the constitution and protect those you love in the process. You also learn to see the world in a much more connected way.