Imagination Through Natomas


Adelae Bornstein


My name is Elizabeth Marinez. I remember one time when I went on a wild bike ride. Come on I will tell you about it. At first, it was a normal bike ride, but when I passed Bella Bru, I saw….. A fair!! And in the fair there was a truck. Not just any truck, it had a crate with a pig inside!! But then I saw something, “A rat!!”, I said. So I pedaled away on my bike. I thought I was safe but when I passed the next restaurant, Petes, I found a scary teacher swinging a little girl by her hair. “I better run fast.”, I said. So I picked up my bike and rode away. I was scared so I started on my way home. I was feeling hungry so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to go to one more restaurant. So, on my way home I stopped at the Farmer’s Market. But all of a sudden I smelled the delicious scent of chocolate. When I whiffed the smell of chocolate, some little aliens marched out and started singing a crazy song. As soon as I heard their song, I grabbed my food and took off on my bike. I was almost home. “I better hurry up.”, I said. When I got home I saw in my garage last years’ Halloween decorations! And all of a sudden, a monster came alive and tried to eat me!! I almost got eaten but I escaped her just in time. I ran to my mother and told her my story. She didn’t believe me, but it was my new secret. I was safe at last, well, at least for now….