Merlin The Bathtub Kraken

Author: Ashley R.

Contributing Editor -


Down deep inside your bathtub drain, or in the shampoo container, or maybe in the faucet, you may find a Bathtub Kraken. They are about 3 inches tall and have eight tentacles with small suckers coating them. Their teeth are jagged and white and their eyes are a bright white with tar black pupils. One may be hiding in your bathtub, or maybe one of your sinks but now it’s time to tell the story of a very important kraken named Merlin.

Merlin lived in a nice shiny white bathtub. It had a shower head, a sliding door, and a lot of shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles. This bathtub belonged to the Eeden’s family. They had little knowledge of Bathtub Krakens, besides that sometimes their drain got plugged. Merlin liked it that way. He liked being alone in a nice slimy shampoo bottle or in the warm wet drain. It felt especially good when the water flowed down on his face but it felt painfully annoying when he heard the voice of Mr. or Ms. or Jr. Eeden start yelling or cursing because the drain was clogged.

Merlin had been an independent Bathtub Kraken since birth but one day he met someone he had to keep around because of his skills, and his jokes, and his kindness. This someone was a small Cup Duck which is what they call extremely small ducks because they can easily fit inside a cup like it was a pond. This small Cup Duck’s name was Mr.Bubbles. Mr.Bubbles liked to be serious at times and funny at other times. He was a very successful Cup Duck with a beautiful cup to live in. Here is the story of how Mr.Bubbles and Merlin met.

It was a bad day for Merlin. He couldn’t seem to find any bubbles to eat which is what Bathtub Krakens eat. He also noticed that the shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, AND soap bottles were ALL empty! There was no hope in finding or making any bubbles. He started to get grouchy and decided he would purposefully scare the first Eeden family member who entered the bathroom. He lurked inside the drain eager for the moment when someone would step into the bathroom. Finally Mr. Eeden walked in with a cup in hand. It just happened to be the cup Mr. Bubbles lived in. He set the cup down on the bathroom counter and then said, “Oh no! I’ve forgotten to buy more soap for the bathroom!” Then he ran out the door.

Mr. Bubbles floated to the top of the water in the cup and looked around the bathroom. He looked in the bathtub and saw a green wet creature emerge from the depths of the drain. He watched as the creature slid over the bathtub floor making squelching noises as he went.

“Can you please stop making that squelching noise, it is very unattractive to the ears.” Mr. Bubbles said in his formal voice.

Merlin looked at Mr. Bubbles and said, “Can you stop talking with that fancy dancy formal voice so my ears can be in peace?”

Mr. Bubbles laughed, “Nice retort, but please desist.” Then he paused and said, “I’m Mr. Bubbles a Cup Duck. I reside in Mr. Eeden’s crystal cup. Who may you be good sir?”

“I’m Merlin the Bathtub Kraken of the Eeden family bathtub and I’m looking for bubbles to eat, so let me be," growled Merlin.

“As you wish, but if it’s bubbles you're looking for I’m the duck you should go to.” Mr. Bubbles said casually.

“Why?” Merlin asked curiously.

“Because I’m the only Cup Duck in history that blows bubbles.”

“Can you blow shampoo ones?” Merlin said.



“Don’t offend me Merlin! I can blow bubbles from gum to soda!”

“Then what do you say Mr. Bubbles? Want to be partners?”

“I find that idea very appealing Merlin. Yes.”

So that was it. Friendship at first sight. Partners forever. Inseparable.