The fate of covid-19

Author: Aabha R. (Contributing Editor) and Ashley R. (Contributing Editor)

Part one Published on 9/5/2020

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I stood there on the rough wood of my grandmother’s house. I couldn’t cry, I had to stay brave and strong like my father had said. I looked at my black shoes waiting for the funeral to end. My grandmother had been killed by Covid 19 or the CoronaVirus. It had been horrible to see my grandmother go through it all. Everyone in China suffered because of the virus. Everything was shut down. Stores and restaurants closed. I watched as everything I loved about my home slowly faded away. Of course this funeral would be one of the last ones. The virus was over now, at least here in China. Everything was slowly coming back together and even some new things were appearing. I bit my lip to hold back the tears as a wave of memory crashed down on me. My grandmother had been a big part of my life. I couldn’t cry though and the funeral was ending in two minutes so I held back my tears and stood up straight and waited.


It was a normal sunny afternoon in LA, California when suddenly my mom yelled at me to come into our tall, modern, three-story house. “What happened mom, why are you yelling?” I asked her, breathlessly. “I have to tell you something incredibly important. The coronavirus is here.”

“Huh? What’s that?” I asked my mom that night at dinner. She and my dad looked at each other and sighed. “Well honey, the coronavirus is a new thing. Not many people are taking it seriously.” “Then why are you taking it so seriously?” I asked my mom. “ do I say this. Before it came to America, your grandmother from China died because of COVID-19.” My mom said nervously. “Wait do you mean Grandma Chen?” I asked, close to tears. “Yes.” She said, close to tears herself. “When did she die? How long have you kept this from me? What about everyone else? Do you not care about me?” I asked rapid-fire questions, and the last one seemed to have whipped my parents in the face. ”What? No! Of course, we care about you, honey, ” My dad said. ”Then how long have you kept this from me?” I asked again. ”About two weeks.” My mom said ashamed. I was at a lot for words. My darling Grandma Chen, my mom’s mom, dead? She had seemed so full of life that I couldn't imagine her dead. “What about Aunt Janie? Is she ok?” I asked my parents frantically. “I don’t know.” My mom said stiffly, a moment after looking at my dad.