Stuck In Between

Author: Aabha Ranade

Published 6/19/2019

2018 Thud. Thud. Beeeeep! The ECG made noises like these until the doctor had to accept it. Layila Roberts was in a coma. How had it happened? No one knew. All the doctors knew was that somehow she had gotten run over by the car completely but the tires hadn’t touched an inch of her body. Something weird had happened. The doctors spent years and years trying to figure out what happened and to wake her up but it never happened. 3019 Light. I can feel it. I’ve got to get up. “Hhhhhhhhu” Layila took a breath as she opened her eyes and found herself in a dusty old closet. “Who am I?” She wondered as she examined her hands. Then it all came rushing back to her. I was Layila Rose Roberts. Daughter of Kate Maori Roberts and Philip Bracte Roberts. I was thirteen. Though who knew who old she was now. Layila got up and surveyed the room. She saw a rusted door near the front of the room and got up to open it. She smelled a foul smell and was relieved when the door opened and she got a fresh smell of nature in her lungs. She saw buildings curved and sidewalks loop-de-looped. She saw trunks of trees green and the leaves brown. Flowers were black and the sun, was magenta. Layila couldn't believe her eyes when she saw all this. When she walked a bit ahead, she saw a newspaper that said The Fourth of July is tomorrow! And next to that said, Date: 7/3/3019 Come get your fireworks! The Fourth of July is tomorrow! Layila couldn’t believe her eyes. The year was 3019? “Excuse me?” Layila asked somebody with lion paws, “Are we really in the year 3019?” “Um yeah, what do you think?” The man lifted up a paw. “Um never mind.” Layila murmured back. The last thing Layila could remember before sleeping was her mom looking at her and saying “bye”. How could I sleep for so long? Have I been in a coma? She thought. Layila walked for some time until she came to a house. She knocked on it. There was no one inside. She went inside and got some sleep. The next day, Layila went to the Fourth of July show. Layila just had to accept it. She would be living in another century.