The First Color


Aahba R. - Contributing Editor


The first days in oblivion hit people differently than they ever could have imagined. The food was scarce, the water almost reduced to nothing, and people going hungry every single night. Then out of the dark, a survivor. One who could show the world how to live, be free. And that person was our great king, Marlipol III. May he rule for all eternity!

The article I was reading highly disinterested me. I mean, my grandfather was King Marlipol, and I was considered royalty, but my life was just so boring. My grandfather ran the world, my father alongside him while my mother did things a proper lady should. “Hello? Ciera-Rose? Darling are you all right?” My math teacher, Miss Parks asked me. Of course I got special treatment. I was royalty! But for once I wanted to be treated like everyone else. Being scolded for not doing my assignments, having curfew, spending time with my family. But alas I was not a normal 15 year old. I was special. “I am just fine Miss Parks.” I told her with a warm smile, trying to mean it. “That’s good darling. But just to be sure, no homework for you today. Get some rest.” She said again and I almost groaned out loud. Then she turned to the rest of the class. “As for the rest of you, read chapter 6, 7 and 8. I expect to see all the questions at the end answered.” She told the class. How come they got to read and answer questions? I mean I know people would kill to not do homework and have no responsibilities, but they had no idea that meanwhile I wanted to be like them.

As I walked over to the Lunch Room, where we ate, a girl named Rhema came up to me. She was the type of girl who would suck up to others so she could be popular. I brushed her off and sat down at my regular spot, with all my friends. I know that some could say that they were only my friends for popularity but hey, how could I know? I haven’t had a real friend since I was 6. “Hi Cici!” My friend Marla said. The others echoed her. There was Marla, who had brown hair and blue eyes. Then there was Parker, who in contrast to Marla, had blond hair and brown eyes. Josie was a gymnast; she had brown hair and gray eyes. Last but not least, Lyla had red hair, freckles, and wore cute glasses. She was probably the nicest to everyone in my group. My friends were all either Twos or Threes. By that I meant that every citizen in this kingdom had a rank. There were ten ranks, starting from Ones (which was my rank) and ending with Tens, which were the people who were slaves, and went to a ‘school’ on the other side of town, far away from my prestigious and private school. “Hey guys, wanna go shopping tod-” I stopped because someone had thrown something at my head. I turned around and saw a pair of greenish-grayish eyes staring at my bright amber ones.

“Excuse me, did you just throw that at her?” Parker asked rudely. “It’s fine. It was probably an accident.” I assured her. “It was an accident. Right?” I asked the boy. “Um...yes. Me and my friends were just goofing off.” He told me and bent down to pick up what had been thrown at my head. It was a piece of paper that had been wadded up into a ball. He gave it to me and smiled. The paper said: meet me behind the auditorium after school today. “Umm...okay. I will be there.” I told him. I know I probably shouldn’t, but hey, don’t blame me, I’m a very curious girl. The boy winked, “Okay then. See you there.” He walked off and I realised I didn’t even know his name! But I didn’t ask for it because that would have been highly embarrassing. As he was walking I started studying him. He had jet-black hair and was tall and lean. He seemed to be around my age, close to sixteen, as my birthday was in just three days. My parents were planning to throw a huge party. Everyone was coming, even all of the politicians and servants. There was a rumor going around that I would be able to have some Nines and Tens there and use them as entertainment. The rumors sickened me. I would never do that! I know that some people hated my family, but I didn't do anything wrong.

As I started walking home from school I suddenly remembered that I needed to meet the boy from before at the auditorium. The auditorium was kind of like a museum. You could see pictures, art, articles and even videos of times throughout history, all displayed on various screens. It was the only place where I truly felt at peace. I walked inside and the first thing I saw was the boy from before watching a video where my dad was getting interviewed by a famous reporter. Her name was Porta McGlone, and she was vicious in a way, always sniffing out gossip. “Hi. Um...I am really sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know your name.” I confessed to the boy with an embarrassed expression. “Really? I’ve been in your classes for over the past three years. It’s okay though. My name is Ethan. Ethan Ethanol.” He said laughing. Since he told me his name, I had to tell him mine, because that was the way I had been raised. Be kind to everyone, and treat them with respect. They should still know you are of higher rank than them, but treat them politely. Everyone except the Tens. The Tens do not deserve our respect. They are nothing. They are and will always be nothing “Oh. Well, my name is-” “Ciera. Ciera Rose. Anybody who’s anybody knows that.” Ethan said seriously. “Oh well yes, you’re right. So why have you called me here?” I asked him. “Well, I need to show you something.” Ethan told me. “Okay, show me then.” I said slowly. “You won’t like it...but it’s for your own good.” And with that he stepped close to me, held my face, and pressed a foul smelling cloth to my nose.

“What are you doing? Stop that! The guards will arrest you!” I yelled, trying to break free of his grasp. “I am sorry, but there are no guards here. That is why I called you here. Trust me, it is for your own good!” He explained to me. Stupid stupid me! Of course that’s why he picked the auditorium! Because there were no guards there. It was a place of quiet, and I thought he had called me there for just that! “Please don’t do this! Please plea…” And that’s when I blacked out.