The Future Is Now

Author: Bhavya Dwivedi

Grade: 5th


The Future Is Now

Only a bit of light shone through the window. But as I crawled out of my bed, I expected to see my bookshelf, and dresser right next to me. But, no they were not there. I wasn’t in my room. Instead, I was in a small suburban house. There was no air. I was gasping for breath. An oxygen mask came down and I grabbed it almost immediately. I put it on my mouth and took a deep breath. My only focus was to figure out where I was.

I ran to my window. No clouds in the sky. No greenery. No trees, no bushes, no grass. All was concrete. I went to the fridge to grab a bite to eat. But all that was there were bottles of old syrups and pills. Where were my apples? My garden wasn’t even there. Where’d the cabbages that I’d grown yesterday go? I ran to the bathroom to look at my reflection. I was not the skinny sixth grader I was at home. Instead, I was a grown man with glasses and a beard. What? I needed to know where I was and how to get home. I drank a long sip of corned syrup and boasted out the door.

It was not my neighborhood. The next-door house was not the one that was my best friend’s at home. The park wasn’t there. Instead, was a small group of people talking. I didn’t understand. What was going on? “Hello,” I said quietly, hopeful that someone would catch that I was there. A woman spun around, followed by many others. “I’m Jaxon,” I said. A man stood up. "Jaxon," he said. "What year were you in the present?" "2019," I said. The man sat back down. "Jaxon, this world is fifty years after your time." he said. "Who knows what could happen."

I was shocked. “I want to know, why are there no trees, no grass, it’s like nature isn’t here anymore. What has happened in these fifty years?” The man stood up once more. “Ah,about the land. We’ve caused it. Humans were so selfish, all we wanted were nice homes, and to advance with life, but instead, we’ve destroyed it."

️MORAL: Don’t be too selfish or greedy about what you’ve got. Don’t waste resources that mean everything to the world.