The walkway!

Welcome to The Walkway!

The contest is now closed.

WALKSacramento and Write To Lead are excited to announce The Walkway!

This event is for ages 12-18, for students looking to write about activism in their community, what their vision is for their neighborhood! Cash prizes will be given to 3 winners with the highest being $150

Submission Criteria For The Walkway

Click the button below for the submission requirements.

Please note that if the submission does not include any section of the criteria it will not be considered.

Submit your pieces here:


1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50

Writing Prompts/Ideas

1) What is your vision for a world in which all people can travel comfortably, safely, and conveniently? How can we make this vision a reality?

2) How can young people take charge of and help shape the future? What impact do you see yourself and other young people making in 10 years to the environment, or to other communities in the Sacramento region?

3) What matters to you about your community? What do you think needs to be changed to adapt to more of your needs and the needs of other young people?

4) Are there any parks or public spaces that you have strong memories of or that have impacted you in some way? What does that space look like, or what do you wish it looked like? What emotions are tied to that space?