A Day Out


Dipika V. - Contributing Editor

8th Grade

It has been more than 6 months, since I have been outside and had a bit of fresh air. It was getting really tiring to sit at home and repeat the same routine every day, so I thought of taking a day off from my daily routine and go outdoors. And I am so glad that I made up my mind to go outdoors and do some shopping for the festive season. I felt so refreshed. It was such a nice experience.

I went to Connaught Place, since it is my favourite place in whole Delhi. You can find anything you can think of here, and that is why it is my favourite place. I bought some decorations for the house since it is the festive season. Though my whole day was wonderful, my favourite moment was when I sat in the Central Pak and sipped my cold coffee. Not only this, but due to Covid 19 spread, many people were opting for walking or cycling as their mode of roaming in Connaught Place, which I really liked. Me and my family opted for walking as cycling is not a cup of tea for me and my sister.

In the end, I would say I had a fantastic day. It was a whole lot of fun to go out and relax, I really enjoyed it. Not only this, but I also added some changes in my daily routine so that I could focus more on myself and on the things I enjoy.