A Family Bike Ride


Miles F.

5th Grade

Heron School

What does it mean to who when you go on a family bike ride? For me, it means that I can spend time with my family and have fun outside. I love the nice fresh air too. Also, it is healthy to exercise.

I love spending time with my family and socializing with them. It is so fun and it feels nice to go on a cool mini-adventure with my family. I like talking to them about school and what I did that day or if something funny happens. Like one time I was on my bike while my mom was walking Donut (My dog) and Donut was playing with a stick and thought it could move, it was so funny.

Whenever I go on a bike ride outside it is way better than staying inside and watching T.V or playing video games, it is better because I can exercise and get fresh air and that relaxes me and keeps me cold and not feeling hot or mad at something on a phone or tablet. It kind of refreshes me and makes me happy. Also, you can bike somewhere fun or get some ice cream somewhere!