A Walk By The Lake


Shreya P.

Two Rivers Elementary

5th Grade

It was a really tiring day at school. I was glad to get away when it was over. In the evening, my family and I stepped out for a walk. I felt relieved as I was walking by the lake and the fresh air made me feel calm. The sky was clear and bright blue and there wasn’t a hint of clouds.

As we stood in the shade of a large tree, we watched the silent splashing that came from some ducks nearby. There were 6 small ducklings following a big duck in a line. Fishes leaped out of the water. We ambled towards the round curve of the border of the lake. There was a large fountain in which water sprang up fifteen feet into the air. The tiny sprinkles of water drops splashed on me, refreshing me.

There were some people fishing at the border of the lake. A man was reeling in a long string line in which at the end had a tiny fish. He then released the fish and hurled the line back into the water.

On our way back I started playing a memory game with my sister. Then, the sun caught my eye, as it was dipping behind the buildings in the horizon. The sky behind the bright ball was a mix of yellow, pink, and orange.

It was a beautiful scenic and relaxing walk. We reached home by sunset. I was really glad I went walking that day.