An Adventure In The Garden


Signe N.

5th Grade

Heron School

Click! My helmet straps buckle together and I hop on my bicycle with lots of energy bursting inside me. Thoughts fill my head and give me plenty of excitement. As I start pedaling I exclaim, “Time to get started,” My wheels spin faster and faster along the way. Soon enough I am at my favorite place ever to bike: a gorgeous garden.

I stand behind the fence and see the beautiful scenery of plants and it seems so peaceful with the gentle sounds of nature. All of the plants are colorful and move with the wind. Listening closely I hear water rushing from the fountains and birds chirping high in the trees. Once in awhile a gentle breeze brushes across my skin and gives me comfort. Everything here warms my heart like a flaming fire.

When I approach the garden a smile pops on my face and I’m filled with joy. “Looks like I’m here,” I say. I go at my very own pace and gaze at everything surrounding me. There are faces of new people to see, everybody is smiling and enjoying their time. The bright blue sky and golden sun stare down at us all. “Hello there!” I say to as many people as I can. “Your bike is very colorful, I love it!” a man compliments me. Everybody is so friendly here and loves to chat!

There are beautiful statues in the garden that stand very still while lots of movement surrounds them. All of the statues look brave, beautiful, realistic, graceful, fun, or sometimes even silly. People sit on the benches nearby scrolling on their phones, eating, or just taking a break. Posters of advertisements hang in the weirdest places around the garden with nobody interested in them.

“It is time to have some fun!” I say to myself. As I pick up my speed I shout with glee, “Woo hoo!” I pass everything in a blur as quick as a car. My bike creates lots of sounds as I pedal through the crowd. It is so noisy but the nature sounds cover it all up like a blanket.

After a while, I head back home and put all my items back where they belong. I take off my helmet and park my bike in the garage. Then I head inside and have an apple to fill my hunger. I rest on the couch and think about my wonderful bike ride. “Maybe I should bike tomorrow again,” I say softly.