Biking At Heron Park


Jovie M

5th Grade

Heron School

My favorite place to bike is Heron park. It is behind Heron School and it is down the street from my house. It only takes 1 minute to bike to it. It has a big, green grassy area with a couple of benches and some tall trees. One of the trees is great for climbing. Around the outside of the park there is a sidewalk that people can walk and ride their bikes on. Me, my family and my friends like to ride bikes there.

My family and I go to Heron park a lot in the summer. We usually go there because my dad has to video himself preaching his sermon for our online church. When we go to the park me and my sisters ride our bikes and ride in our wagon pushing each other around. My family likes going there to have picnics too. We bring a big blanket and chairs to sit on. Most of the time we bring our dog, Brody.

My dog Brody is a Maltipoo which means he is half Maltese and half poodle. He has white curly fur and is a medium-size dog. He likes to walk around and sniff the grass and wants to chase the soccer ball when we kick it around. When we ride our bikes Brody likes to run with us. Sometimes our neighbor brings his dog Raven to the park when we are there. Brody gets protective of us and starts barking and going crazy. When that happens we have to leave the park.

Sometimes I meet my friend Violet at Heron Park. We bike there together and walk around talking. When we are biking we like to race and most of the time it is a tie. I bring my soccer ball and we like to pass it around to play. Violet likes to walk around and talk for a long time. I like to pick up the dead grass and make a bird's nest. We also get a lot of exercises when we are there and after a while, my legs start to hurt really bad.

Heron Park is a great place to bike and spend time with family and friends. I like to bring my dog, meet my friends and play with my sisters. When I bike there it makes me feel free and happy. I look forward to being there next summer.