Birds Have Family's Too!

Delaney S.

5th grade

Heron School

Boom! “Ahh! What on Earth is that?” I yelled but I really didn’t need an answer. I looked ahead of where we are walking “Stop being so dramatic. You weren't really that scared. You just wanted attention!” Dad said. “Umm, no speak for yourself, Dad!” Dad rolled his eyes “Break it up you two!” Mom said. I wasn’t surprised this happens all the time: Dad says something I don’t appreciate and I talk back.

I once again look ahead of me. ‘You won’t believe what just happened!’ I wish that’s what I could tell my friend right now! But, I don’t have ‘my’ computer with me! The only ways to talk to her is to Zoom her but to Zoom her I have to Email her! Ugh, so stressful these days! “Wow!” My brother says amazed. “Yep! It’s sad though.” I replied “How?” My brother asks, really into this topic. “Well, I’m glad you asked!”

“So, are you going to tell me?” My brother asks once again “So, there was probably a bird Mom! And when I specifically say ‘Mom’ I mean it has kids right?” I asked my brother “Well, yeah, sure!” He replies “There were probably multiple babies! Maybe three or four?” “Yes, I’m listening, Delaney! Just get on with it already!” My brother was obviously impatient with me. “I bet because of the wind the nest fell out of that tree right there!” I said pointing at the tree ahead of us.

“C’mon! You guys are taking forever over there! Just walk forward!” Dad said, annoyed. “Ok, we’re coming, Dad!” I said. “As I was saying, the nest probably fell down out of that tree but I’m scared the babies are in it! Hopefully they’re not eggs!” I said worried. “Yeah, that would be horrible!” Said brother. “Let’s go save it then, Delaney!” “No! Stop!” I said hoping brother wouldn’t run over and touch anything in that nest. “Why? Are you scared?” My brother said, I could tell he was trying to make fun of me but I didn’t let that happen. “Yes. Yes, I’m scared. But do you know why?” I didn’t give him a chance to answer “Because you don’t know if those eggs or the birds got bird germs on that nest! Those birds could possibly have rabies!” I said making it more dramatic than it should be.

“I hate to say this but she’s right, Bailey.” Said Mom. Before I could even say ‘Teehee, I was right again’ I heard something that sounded like a mix of a baby crying or screaming outside but I didn’t see anything. I turned around at the tree we passed and ran over. “Hey! You told me not to run over there! Why can you do it?” My brother said a little bit irritated because he really wanted to go over to those birds. “Ugh, it’s different! And plus I’m not even going to touch them!” I said running over to that tree as fast as I could! I guess my parents didn’t even notice our yelling across the street because they kept walking normally. Alas, I got there. “Uh-oh” I said, a little bit disappointed.

“What? What’s wrong?” My Mom finally asked. My brother ran over to me as fast as he could too but unlike any other days he didn’t say anything. “No, wait- That can’t be possible! When we walked over we didn’t see anything!” My brother said once again. “What can’t be possible? What are you guys talking about?” My Mom is still confused why we’re running and yelling at each other when it is almost dinner time. But I didn’t answer her question, instead, I asked her a question: “Where is Dad?” “Well, you guys have been talking for so long that he went to go start making dinner. Now, will you answer my question?” Said Mom annoyed. “Haha, I totally didn’t forget your question or anything like that,” I said. My mom rolled her eyes at me.

“I said: What were you guys talking about? I think I heard ‘bird’ but you are not going to save a bird” Mom says chuckling at the end like it was silly to save a bird. “Umm, yes we are” I said trying to sound confident that that bird will be saved. “You are not to get rabies though!” Mom said “Ugh, I know. Trust me, I know.” I said annoyed “Ok, you will be in big trouble if you do get it though,” Mom said.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Said Bay. “Ok, so look at this birdie here,” I said, almost forgetting about everything that’s happening. Well, except this bird situation. “Ok, I am” Said Bay, “Are you actually looking? Because if you really were looking and paying attention then you would see that this birdie gave birth!” I said excitedly. “First of all I totally did see that, second of all why did you say ‘oh no’ then?” My brother said making a good point that I couldn’t answer “Oh, well, umm, because I wanted to surprise you!” I said hoping that my lie was enough to get past. “Ohhhhhhhh, that makes sense now!” “Yep!” I said.